Drop 10 with a FRIEND

DROP 10 with a FRIEND


Every day you wake up you get a CHANGE to become the person you have always wanted to be.  Stop making excuses.  Stop putting other’s needs before your own.  START focusing on the change you want.  Focus on how you want to feel, look, and who you want to become.  Do you want to feel stronger, stand taller, smile with confidence because you are doing something GOOD for you?



What is this 12 day drop 10 with a friend about?

This is a 12 day challenge geared to set you up for success.  We all know that when you have someone keeping you accountable you do far better.  Join a friend and get fit together.  This group will include support, meal ideas, and pushing play daily for 10-60 minutes.  Working our 5 days per week is highly encouraged and I would love to see you work up to 7 days per week with one day used for stretching, foam rolling, or a light walk.



How does it work?
You will learn how to manage and plan your week with mindfulness, clean eating (I plan to begin to introduce a new method of eating called Ketosis), a healthy sweat, self-love and accountability!  Just follow the meal plan, drink your shake (if you have it), work out daily and you will be feeling more confident and stronger in as little as 12 days!

Quick results to keep you pushing through!
This isn’t a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change. In just 12 short days I hope that you find a NEW love for fitness as you watch your body and mind transform before your very eyes! It’s all about eating healthy (not processed), exercising, and practicing healthy habits for 12 days. You will find that these habits make you feel more confident, have more energy, and leave you feeling accomplished. My goal is that these 12 days will jump-start you so that exercise and eating right becomes part of your lifestyle and something you will continue to practice making the rest of your life the BEST of your life.  Remember begin now so you aren’t regretting it later.


Find an accountability buddy to help you get better results!  Split a challenge pack (a workout program and shakeology) and SAVE!  Not only will you save money to join you will solidify with an accountability buddy that you are ready to HELP and CHANGE!  I will help you find the best solution for YOU!


Are YOU READY to feel stronger and more CONFIDENT?

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Drop 10 with a FRIEND

Are you ready to see what 5 days of eating right, exercise and adding in a super-food, meal replacement shake will do for you?
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