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From the outside our lives appear to be perfect. We may have a husband, a few kids, a car, a house, food on the table…………but on the inside there’s turmoil and chaios. There’s a tornado of emotions and we are watching our lives SPIN out of control and feel completely incapable of stopping the vicious cycle or creating CHANGE.  We feel TRAPPED!

Some days we don’t even want to get out of our PJs or put or take a shower but we HAVE to! Our children seem to argue all the time. Our homes look like a disaster areas with dishes piled on the counter, clothes to be folded on the couch and dog hair and crumbs all over the floor.  Our only ME TIME is in the bathroom, and sometimes that doesn’t even happen.  When you look around there is always more that could have been done, you never seem to be able to catch up so forget about the thought of getting ahead.  Our feelings seem to be bottled up from all of this stress, and when dealing with GRIEF especially. depression and anxiety it can set us into orbit or just put us in a chair to do NOTHING.  You barely have time for you so how can you even think to go and talk with someone or even get out. So all of this just becomes a vicious cycle that you continue to live over and over, day to day feeling trapped as if there is NO WAY OUT!

Have you found that YOU take care of yourself LAST.  It’s just not priority!  The kids need fed, your hubby needs attention, the dog needs walked, the house needs a cleaning, you are a taxi and you are out of MILK!

Take 7 days with us and learn 7 proven ways to get organized and become structured so that you can put a fortress around your FOCUS!  You CAN live a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.  I will help you find the tools to get it!

Join me in this free group!  I will provide you tools to gain control, get organized and become structured with your daily tasks.   I will share some Tips & tricks on how to help you start feeling better right away!  I will give you some ideas with planning your meals, a grocery list and how to do meal prepping, planning, and some GREAT grocery shopping tips!  I will teach you to organize your life, structure your time, and provide you the tools to help you run more efficiently.  I will even help you use Technology to help you regain FOCUS!

I can only take on 20 people, so you do not want to miss this!

This group will FILL up FAST!  Don’t delay!

We get started August 10 2016! Just fill out the form below and join a community of other mom’s that are pulling together to ease the chaos in their lives.



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