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Drop 10 with a FRIEND

DROP 10 with a FRIEND   Every day you wake up you get a CHANGE to become the person you have always wanted to be.  Stop making excuses.  Stop putting other’s needs before your own.  START focusing on the change you want.  Focus on how you want to feel, look, and who you want to […]

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Love YOURSELF – 21 Day Challenge

Are you ready to LOVE YOU?   Join me for 21 days and not only love yourself but love the way you feel too! Can you relate? So many times we forget that if we don’t love ourselves and take care of ourselves we have less to give others.  I totally get it!  We are […]

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Forgive – Control the Controlled

It’s time to start FRESH Life is too short to dwell on the past.  Every day you are given the opportunity to start fresh and create CHANGE!  Far to often we allow news, people, comments, and other things dictate how we feel.  I know that I need to improve how I react, let things effect, […]

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