Today we’re going to talk about Shift Shop some more! It’s the number one thing I am getting so many questions about, so I decided to do a Q&A to answer most of your questions. If you’re interested in the official launch and joining my kickoff group, fill out the application at the end of this post!

When is Shift Shop going to be available?

Shift Shop launches on Beachbody on Demand on July 13th. You will also be able to buy a physical copy of the program.

If I’m using Beachbody on Demand, how do I get the markers?

When the program launches, you’ll be able to go into the Shop tab on the Team Beachbody website and purchase the markers.

What is included in the program (on BOD or in a hard copy)?

The full workout videos, nutrition plan, and workout schedule are included.

What is the meal plan like?

The nutrition program uses Portion Fix to measure out your food. Based on your current weight, you’ll go into a category according to the Shift Shop plan. What’s different is your food list – it changes throughout the 3 weeks of the program. You might be allowed certain foods in week 1 that you’ll no longer be allowed to eat in week 3.

For example, in week 1 your yellow containers include quinoa, spaghetti squash, oatmeal, and more. In week 2, this list cuts down and you’re allowed the basics like baked potatoes and sweet potatoes as your starchy carbs. In week 3, you don’t get any yellow containers but you increase good fats and proteins and veggies are unlimited.

So you will use the Portion Fix containers for the size, but the nutrition plan for the program alters the foods that you’ll be eating in order to get yourself into that maximum fat burning mode.

Is Shift Shop geared towards fat loss or gaining muscle?

Shift Shop is geared for everybody! Take me for example – I didn’t have extra weight to lose, but I did lose a bit of the extra “fluff” and I built muscle and strength. The program includes strength training days and cardio days. It’s great for anyone who wants to lose weight, lean out, and build muscle.

I will mention that you can’t “spot treat” an area, and you MUST stick to the meal plan 100%. If you only follow the workouts or only follow half of the meal plan, you won’t maximize the potential of the program.

Is the program hard?

It’s not hard, but it’s really what you tell yourself! If you think you’re afraid of the program, you’re going to be afraid of the program. If you go into each workout with a positive attitude and set intentions for what you want to get out of it, you will succeed.

Chris will remind you to “try before you modify” so you will give it your all and if you can’t do push ups, for example, you’ll try it on your toes first and then you can modify on your knees. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, YOU CAN DO THIS PROGRAM. It is modifiable, it is totally doable, and trying this program is better than saying it’s too hard and not doing anything at all.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts are different each week. Week 1 has 25 minute workouts with Speed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Strength on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and abs on Thursday and Saturday.

Week 2 is 35 minutes plus the extra 10 minute abs on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Week 3 is 45 minutes with the extra 10 minutes on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Don’t be deterred by the 45 minute workouts! I know I rolled my eyes because I’m so used to my 30 minute workouts! It’s not bad – it actually goes very quickly and doesn’t feel like 45 minutes.

There is a rest day on Sundays with an optional Mobility stretching program on Sundays.

I’ll tell you that I ran out of Hydrate and Recover and I could tell a distinct difference in my energy and ability to do the workouts – when you do this program, invest in the Performance line!! I promise you it is worth it!

What kind of shoes do I need? What other accessories do I need?

I’d recommend cross trainers. You don’t want to use running shoes. As for everything else, you’ll need some weights, the markers, and a good mat. You’ll be on the ground at times so you want to make sure you have a bit of a cushion.

Do you need a lot of space to do the workouts?

You do need some space. You can put your markers closer together but you’ll need the living room or the garage to move around when you do cardio.

I am finishing XXX Beachbody program, will this be a good transition?

Absolutely! Shift Shop is a great transition from any Beachboy program (and I’ve tried them all!). You really are supposed to change it up every 90 days, whether it’s your nutrition or your workout routine, so your body will be worked in different ways which gets you different results.

Since the launch is July 13th, that means we will prep the week of the 17th. Workouts for the kickoff group will start on Monday, July 24th. Round 1 (which is 21 days) will end on August 13th and then we will move on to Round 2 which will take you right into the end of the summer. You can join me for 3 rounds as well!! Are you pumped??