When a VISION comes to FRUITION


Sometimes a vision may take a few years to come to fruition. But…if you stay focused, continue to plug away, and never give up a vision can become reality.

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My passion in life has always been to help people achieve greatness and believe in their own strength to accomplish success (everyone has a different idea of what success looks like).

Four years ago I wanted to begin a fit club at our school and got shot down. Not because it was a bad idea but because at that time I didn’t know what the vision would look like. Since I didn’t have a vision I couldn’t portray what I was hoping to achieve. I take 100% responsibility for being shot down in the beginning. I realize now that many times you need to fail before you can succeed. However, I didn’t give up with the pursuit to create a way for our community to get healthy and support our local school at the same time.

Two years later I connected with some amazing people that helped me form a greater vision of the potential we had to impact our community. It truly does take a village to create a positive impact on a community. Our team began hosting FREE workouts and a few people began to take the classes. You know that saying that if somethings free people don’t find value in it? Well I truly believe it to be true. This was case in point. FREE class = little commitment

Some of the SUPPORT TEAM!


Three years later I decided to take my personal skills as well as others to teach Live fitness classes. I put a very low cost for people to participate in the class. There were a few more people who began to participate with the classes. Although, I still felt as though we were making very little impact and had the potential to do more. Even though we hosted 69 classes we only raised $730. I was very disappointed in how little money. That was barely $10 per class. I felt as though I as well as others poured passion, skills, and heart into this workout club for very little results. I was literally devastated. However, again this was a learning experience for me. I went back to work on how I could make it better.

Four years later after the superintendent sent home the class schedule to our entire school district we are beginning to see a bigger impact. After just four nights and six workout classes we have raised $450 to pour back into our school.

Our vision for this workout club is to accrue 100 plus people every class. Is it possible? Heck yeah it’s possible! We have a village of people to support this movement and I’m excited to see what year five will bring.

I am beside myself, overjoyed, and extreme´┐╝y proud of the team of people that trusted the process and helped reach more people!

No one person can do it alone. It takes a village to create a movement. I am so honored to be part of the village creating a positive impact not only in our community but with our school.

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