Why Shakeology is my #1 meal

Confused about what to drink?



Do you drink PROTEIN POWDER SHAKES?  Are you a bargain shopper for your nutrition?

YES?  Well are you ready for some mind blowing science stuff??

Here it is:




Stress relief

Meaningful relationships

Yup, those simple things are the foundation of our lives.  These are the things every single doctor that you may ask would say these things not only lengthen your life but enrich your life.



Nutrition:  Nutrition is a subject I am extremely passionate about because I have struggled for years to fuel my body properly.  To this day I still struggle but I continuously get better and better!  Yup I was that person that looked for the quick fix, the cheapest smart one, diet bar, or slimfast.  I’m embarrassed to admit it but that was me!

Now I have conversations with people asking me “what should I eat to….”

“lose weight”

“tone up”

“have more energy”

“get rid of cellulite”

“feel better”

You get the point.  Most people realize that what they eat has a direct correlation to all of those categories.

So I am going to be a little bold here and ask:

If you know that nutrition will fix the problem…why are you bargain shopping for your nutrition away?

Did I get your attention? I hope so!  Because we are doing ourselves and our bodies a huge disservice by buying the cheapest option out there!  The cheapest foods, the most inexpensive supplements…the list goes on and on. We do this all the time grabbing a good 5 for $5 deal on something or hitting the drive through in order to “save a buck.”


“Cheap” more often than not means the quality of the ingredients are poor, the food is loaded with inexpensive fillers and additives such as soy and sugar, and the nutrient level is slim to nonexistent.  So we are simply consuming calories for calorie sake and our bodies don’t recognize what any of this junk is so it stores the “crap” food as fat.



I am not preaching that you should only eat foods from the farmer’s market and you have to eat only organic items.  However, that would be optimal!  Let’s be realistic!  What I am saying, is cheap doesn’t equal better.  If we bargain shop for our nutrition, then we better hope that we can bargain shop our doctors down the road.  Can I get an Amen!  There is an incredibly famous quote by Hippocrates that say “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  Today more than ever we need to listen to that statement!


One of the coolest things about being human is the fact that we have choice. We have the ability to decide whether we will do something or whether we won’t.  Many of us take this for granted!  Did you know you have the ultimate responsibility of your own health?  Yup!  Doctor’s don’t have the answers they can only speculate and experiment by giving you medications or surgeries.  YOU have the ability to choose how you love, fuel and respect your body.


I used to be the quick fix, diet pill, Slim-fast, laser treatment kind of girl.  If a diet promised something fast you can bet your buns I was buying it that day!  Every time I did one of those cheaper options, I took a step back in my progress.  I was so wrapped up in the cost/benefit promise that I wasn’t really looking at the value that I was getting.  Does that make sense?  I was listening to the marketing and not doing the research to see if this would be the right thing for MY body (boy do I feel guilty now).  What I was doing with these cheaper choices was damaging my adrenal glands, messing with my metabolism and wreaking havoc on my little cells!


Years have gone by and maybe with age I’ve gotten wiser.  I now know that there has never been and never will be a “quick fix” when it comes to nutrition.  Why? Because our cells regenerate every single day and each cell needs something unique.  Guess where that comes from … you guessed it, the foods we eat.  If that cell isn’t getting what it needs, it regenerates a weaker little cell.  As our cells get weaker we get sicker and sicker.  So nutrition is no longer a short game…it’s a life long journey of how well we can nourish our bodies and give them every single chance of success.  Where does that begin?  With you and in the teeny tiny cells that make up our incredible bodies.


So what now?  Since we live in a society where we need convenient foods because we are so busy and it seems near impossible to make a home cooked meal for every meal… what is a person to do?  After a lot of research I have found something that I love and that feeds my little cells with the nutrients they need every single day!  Every day without fail I drink Shakeology.  I am super crazy passionate about it because I have watched what the simple addition of good nutrition has done in my body and countless other people across the nation!


I often get a lot of wide eyes and questioning statements when I mention that Shakeology costs $129 for a month supply.  But when you break it down and see ALL of what you get for $4/day it is an AMAZING super-food that is helping your body heal, recycle, and have peak performance.
When you see the vast array of Super-foods [meaning nutrient dense foods that are incredibly beneficial to the body] that are being ethically harvested from non-polluted soils around the globe you might be as blown away as I was. Before Shakeology, I was purchasing about 5 of these ingredients on their own from a local health hut and adding in daily vitamins that cost me $90 a month.  THAT WASN’T FOOD!  Then I realized if you don’t take the right combination of nutrients they don’t do ANY good!  Ugh!  Shakeology has been created for your body to absorb all its nutrient goodness.  Within days of adding Shakeology to my diet I was sleeping better, was more regular, happier, and had more energy to do the things I love!


When our cells are well fed and nourished our bodies thrive.  Every single night we go to sleep and our little cells go to work repairing themselves and growing stronger.  When we don’t have the nutrients our bodies NEED they do a really poor job of repairing the damage.  Compound this over years and decades and *poof* we have a society that is more than 70% obese, overweight and suffering from chronic illnesses.


Nutrition is the first pillar to longevity.  We know this!  When we bargain shop our nutrition we might be saving a few bucks in the moment but at what cost?  Here is a little video I created for you on the benefits and cool stuff Shakeology has been known to do!


I highly encourage you to do your homework and see if this is the right fit for you.  If you take your health seriously I would love to have you join my tribe of people who are happily feeding their little cells the nutrients they deserve daily!  As always I’m an open book so feel free to email me any questions or if you just want to talk nutrition: [email protected]

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