Time to turn up the HEAT

Okay enough is enough!  It’s time to turn up the heat and focus on better habits.  I don’t know what happened but this photo was taken the other day and I struggle to look at myself.

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I know I always preach eat clean, eat whole foods, everything in moderation.  I get it!  So WHAT is MY problem?  No excuses I have slipped and need to take responsibility.  First my brother passed away in March, then once the pain eased we had one event after another.  Next I took on a job/responsibility I had never done before – COACHING CHEER.  Well all of those stressors put this mom into EATING mode.  Yup…crunchy, salty, cheesy, and spicy!  Love those things, do you?  Obviously I have eaten a little too much!  It’s time to pull the reign’s back and burn some major calories.



Sweat is FAT crying!  I know I love food but what I have found to really help me is when I follow a meal plan, add in a meal replacement shake (helps me fight sickness and gives me a quick option when I am busy or on the go), eat more whole foods, add more water to my diet, and eat less CARBS!  This is never easy but when you surround yourself with other like minded individuals it is far easier to stay on track and get results!  Would you like to join me?

Take a moment to provide me more information why you would like to join me!  Lets’ make our FAT cry together!

21 day turn up the HEAT

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