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Are you tired of feeling tired?  Are you exhausted from the summer?  Are you ready to get back to a schedule?  Are you ready to gain energy and feel good in your own skin?  If so read on!

I am literally jumping for joy to begin this challenge! Everyone loves an opportunity to win free money including me!

Summer has been crazy busy. I don’t know about you but I have been busy running kids here and there, busy with events, trips and trying to enjoy every moment of summer (I swear it goes by faster every year). With that being said summer eating is never on point for me. You would think I would lose weight in the summer with all the activities that we have going on BUT… for me the opposite happens. Snacks are more prominent, we grill out, have a few cocktails here and there and enjoy all the fresh fruit and veggies. That’s why I am super excited for school to begin and my fall schedule to take place. What about you?

Thankfully the one thing I am good at is EXERCISE! I made a pact with myself that I would never let myself go more than two days without working out. That has really works for me. However, with that being said I can also see that there is no way to outwork a bad diet. DANG IT!!!!!!

Well, now that school Is about to begin it’s time to get back to a schedule and back on track. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL PEOPLE!

Would you like to join me with my back to school Health Bet?  Check out our EVENT:


I bet that you will fall in love with the way you feel and will want to continue a healthier lifestyle!

What do you need to do?

Invest in you
Drink a healthy super-food shake 5 times per week
Workout 3 times per week
Log your activity on my app
Commit to 30 days
Split the pot of over $1,000,000 with only committed peeps


I will share meal plans
I will help you succeed by supporting you every step of the way
You will be surrounded by like minded, supportive woman


Interested in partaking in this AWESOME chance to win free money and fall in love with being healthy?
Message me at [email protected] or fill out the form below. Don’t delay, deadline to register is August 31st.

30 day Health Bet

Are you ready to UPGRADE your life?

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